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Denfeld High School Class of 1963 - Latest News


Dear Classmates,
Think about joining us on Saturday, August 29, on Park Point. It is going to be a great gathering of classmates that you may not have seen in a long time. :-)

I am sharing a Letter to the Editor from the Duluth News Tribune written by one of our classmates. Enjoy ... and remember all the things we learned at Denfeld that helped make us who we are today.

'I read with interest Joel Mathisâ  "Red-Blue America" commentary in the June 29 News Tribune, headlined, "Keep teaching Shakespeare, but not in the same old way."I graduated from Denfeld High School in Duluth in 1963. It was my honor my senior year, and the honor of many other students, to have a gentleman named Mr. William Currier as an English literature teacher. Mr. Currier always addressed his students as "Mister" or "Miss". He always was attired in a suit with a tie.  We were told to read a chapter or two of "MacBeth" at home and he would reread it in class the next day. He started reading from the English book, but it was soon set aside and he was stomping around the classroom, waving an imaginary sword in the air and reciting the play.

Mr. Currier received many honors during his lifetime and was very active in the Guthrie theater in Minneapolis. He also was chosen to be a judge for Shakespearean plays put on by colleges in England, a very, very high honor for an American.
He opened my world to classic literature and to many other European authors who wrote in the 19th century. I have read a great number of books in my lifetime and have enjoyed just how well the English language can be written and relate great stories.

I feel sorry for our younger generation if it misses the excitement of literature. Perhaps there are more teachers like Mr. Currier out there. I hope so.

Daniel Rice


07-21-2014 - 50 + 1 Gathering

Hi Classmates ...
Saturday was a ‘Perfect Duluth Day’ and those of us who celebrated at our 50 +1 gathering at Marcia’s would agree.   Perfect weather, delicious food, fun friends, and a sing-a-long accompanied by Dale on his guitar.
We had so much fun that the talk has already begun as how to best “Celebrate Turning 70.”  Got some good ideas?   Send them to me and I will share with the committee as we begin making plans for next summer.
Pictures from this years gathering are found on our website ...  
Go to the photo galleries...   and select “50 + 1 Gathering”.

PS   There is also a website that shares all kinds of stuff happening in our hometown.

PSS  Enjoy every day of summer wherever you are!!

05-24-2014 - Our own Mrs. Pete

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